Brand Story

LilKong is a brand set up by owner Trammel and Michelle who is the brand’s creative director. 

They are an animal/nature family brand and give a percentage of all sales to a non-profit organisation of their choice. 

Their brand is an embodiment of their way of life, with the quote “Break Out” as a testament to the overall vision to be able to conquer what seems to be impossible, to be bold & strong to create your own path.

That’s why it’s more than a brand, it’s the LilKong lifestyle and family that they are building. 

Our Role

- Sourcing - Tech Pack Development - Sample Development - Custom Trims - Graphic Design - Packaging - Bulk Manufacturing

Lilkong's experience with Bryden

What were the challenges were you trying to solve when you looked for a manufacturer?

The most challenging part of finding that perfect manufacturer for our company LilKong Brand, was finding one that really fits our core values (high quality, intense QC procedures and excellent communication).  

While at the same time, they must be able to accept lower minimums for starting out as a new premium fashion brand.

Mirror Logo Tee and Motif Shorts
Jungle Heritage Tee

What made you choose to work with Bryden?

We at LilKong Brand, decided to work with Bryden after researching and really understanding the passion they have for new startup brands.

They treat their customers with great respect no matter the size of the company they are working with.

Bryden is a very professional manufacturer every since our first communication with them, all the way to the visual side of their company.

I felt really great about what I have seen from the very first impression, compared to some of the other manufacturers I had in mind to partner with.

Why do you think Bryden would be able to help you to achieve your vision?

As the owner of LilKong Brand, I believe it’s a matter of consistency, quality, & open communication from not just the manufacturer, but from our creative director/designer “Michelle Sheri” and the LilKong Brand Family base as well. 

Together in this circle of communication we bring many great creative pieces to the world. They go above & beyond to get our styles & samples they way we want them. 

From their years of experience, they also give us suggestions & their own personal input on certain concerns that may come about before pieces are cut & sewn into a completed sample.

Custom Gold Zipper with Engraved Mirror Logo

Bring Your Vision To Life

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