Brand Story

Kintsugi is a disability-conscious women’s clothing label founded by Emma. The brand was created to serve the disabled community and their designs are meant to be inclusive so that it can be worn by anyone.

She was inspired to start the brand after watching a TED talk and being shocked at discovering that there were more clothings for dogs than there are for disabled people. 

Kintsugi’s aim is to create fashionable accessible apparel that works harder for its wearer. 

Our Role

- Sourcing - Tech Pack Development - Sample Development - Graphic Design - Packaging - Bulk Manufacturing

Kintsugi's experience with Bryden

How was your experience with Bryden?

My experience with Bryden has been a positive one overall.

I think what’s great is that the team there work with you, like an extension of your own team, and will do some ‘hand-holding’ if needed.

This is especially useful if you’re a startup and aren’t sure what to do.

They also worked with me to add some unconventional elements to my collection, and made useful suggestions along the way to benefit me and my company.

The quality of the clothing is really good too, which always helps!

Rosa May in the cape that takes after her name.
Kintsugi Print Skirt
Sally Skirt

Bring Your Vision To Life

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