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Deal With Devil is the brainchild of 21 year old Lachlan who created his brand to inspire others to deal with their inner demons. 

Drawing on the culmination of various episodes of his personal life and relationships, he harnesses the controlled chaos in his mind and project it through a carefully curated and deceptively simple garment.

Having started in 2017, he feels the journey so far has been worthwhile as it has inspired others around him to achieve their own goals.

Our Role

- Sourcing - Tech Pack Development - Sample Development - Graphic Design - Packaging - Bulk Manufacturing

Deal With Devil's experience with Bryden

What were the challenges you were trying to solve when you looked for a manufacturer?

I needed to tick a few boxes. When I started looking, I began with the quality of the custom made garments.

I needed to be able to get my custom cut and sew pieces to come to life and not at the expense of what the local Australian factories were charging.

Once I saw the custom cut and finishing did not meet the standards here in Australia, I knew I had to reach to someone overseas.

This meant I could sample from manufacturers to ensure quality while having full flexibility with my creative process.

Details on the The Devil Long Sleeve Tee
Everyday Hoodie, made in a specially sourced heavyweight french terry.

What made you choose to work with Bryden?

Initially what made me reach out to Bryden was the quality of their website and the proof of work. Other manufacturers just didn’t give me any reason to trust them. 

Moving forward getting into contact with Donovan with my ideas and to see if it was going to be a good fit, gave me the full trust you look for with overseas manufacturers. 

That’s when I decided to start the production of samples to see how they could piece together my designs and once I received back the samples, I knew this would be the time to make the full investment after working together through all the design challenges. 

Everything was hitting the marks and the process just became streamlined from the initial sampling period.

Why do you think Bryden would be able to help you to achieve your vision?

The quality of work gives me the biggest hope for the future of Deal with Devil.

I didn’t go into this thinking that I was going to print on a couple of tees and call it a brand. I wanted more.

I wanted to provide a story and a feeling of connection as soon as they purchase from us.

That means having a quality product they can be willing to invest their hard-earned money into and still be happy to wear our hoodies after a decade.

And due to a low minimum compared to other manufacturers, we can grow alongside Bryden and continue to tell our brand’s story and provide a solution for the wardrobes of our customers.

Lachlan rocking the Devil Long Sleeve
IMAGE4 copy
The Devil Long Sleeve, made in specially sourced heavyweight cotton fabric

How was your experience with Bryden?

Bryden gave us an advantage. I designed the first collection alongside Bryden and they helped create my vision from the samples I had sewn together.

They made it a streamlined process, and after sourcing and deciding on fabrics, I could dedicate my time to streamlining the website code and finishing the foundations of the business.

I’ve found that this was the only real way I could set the foundation too, I’m not sure if it would have really worked any other way.

Now that the foundation is so strong I feel confident in starting the next chapter and ready to take on the upcoming challenges alongside Bryden through our essential line.

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