Brand Story

African inspired kidswear label Konga James was set up to address a gap in the market in Australia.

Owner Maria James noticed that there wasn’t any kidswear brand selling African inspired clothing.

By fusing western elements and traditional Ankara fabrics in her designs, she aims to showcase the diversity of African print design and how they can be applied to different clothing which can be worn by anyone. 

At the same time, her aims are to promote & share the colourful spirit about African culture.

Our Role

- Sourcing - Tech Pack Development - Sample Development - Packaging - Bulk Manufacturing

Konga James's experience with Bryden

What made you decide to go with Bryden?

After months of research and contacting other manufacturers, we choose to work with Bryden.

They were the only company who were very responsive with my enquiries because they were able to provide the service I was after, compared to other manufactures with similar services but lacked a few features

Therefore Bryden stood out the most as I felt they could really bring my ideas to life with the quality I was looking for.

Golden Royalty Dress
Sunset Desert Shirt

What was your experience like working with Bryden?

Working with Bryden was a great experience as they handled every situation in a professional manner.

Whenever I experience any problems along the way, Donovan and the team at Bryden would handle it effectively and efficiently by notifying me of the problems and solving it right away.

This is why I would definitely continuing working with them due to their professionalism.

How does a company like Bryden help a fashion brand that are located abroad?

They provide useful tips and ideas which will lead to the business success whether its advice regarding the industry or product knowledge such as the most suitable material for my designs.

The support and engagement from Bryden is because they’ve been in the industry for a while and they have industry knowledge where they want to see you and your business succeed.

Wild Flower Shirt

Bring Your Vision To Life

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