Jersey Fabric – Everything You Need To Know

Black cotton jersey fabric t-shirt

Most people have jersey fabrics in their wardrobes. In fact, jersey fabric is used to make your closet staples. Think about T-shirts, sweatshirts, and underwear—most of these pieces of clothing are made from jersey fabric!

The history of jersey fabric goes all the way back to the middle ages. Fishermen from Jersey first popularize it by knitting sweaters to keep them warm during the winter.

They initially used wool for their clothing. But, they eventually used cotton jersey as well during warmer seasons.

Jersey fabric in different colours

What Is Jersey Fabric?

Jersey fabric is a knitted fabric made from cotton yarn. Cotton fibers are harvested from cotton plants and then transferred to a textile facility to produce yarn. The yarn is then placed into a knitting machine to produce cotton jersey fabric.

What Is The Difference Between Cotton Jersey Fabric And Cotton Woven Fabric?

Cotton jersey fabric and cotton fabric both derive from the cotton plant. The difference between the two is that cotton jersey fabric is a knit. This means that the fabric stretches because of the textile structure.

Cotton woven fabric, on the other hand, is woven. It’s the opposite of a knitted fabric, where the fabric doesn’t really stretch at all.

What Are The Characteristics Of Jersey Fabrics?

Jersey cloth is a very versatile fabric. That’s why it’s considered a staple in almost everyone’s closets. Here’s why.

Cotton jersey is naturally absorbent and breathable.

Most cotton jerseys are fabric blends. But if it’s made out of 100% cotton, it’s very absorbent and breathable. Cotton doesn’t have moisture-wicking properties, but due to its breathable properties, it allows airflow for the fabric to dry out.

Soft and stretchy

Cotton is naturally soft but not stretchy. But since cotton jersey is a knit, it stretches well. With cotton jersey fabric, you get the best of both worlds!

It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

Jersey fabrics are very easy to maintain. Putting jersey fabric in the washing machine and dryer is also safe. It’s not delicate as well.

Aside from that, cotton jersey textiles also release odors compared to synthetic fabric when washed. That’s why cotton jersey is perfect for undergarments.

Cotton jersey is resistant to wrinkles.

Because jersey is knit fabric, it is more resistant to wrinkles. Studies show that the more stretchy a fabric is, the more it is resistant to wrinkles. That’s why your favorite leggings don’t need ironing!

Types Of Jersey Fabrics

There are different types of jersey knits. Different types of jersey knits have different uses. So, choose the right type of jersey fabric for your next project!

Single Knit Jersey

In simple terms, the single jersey knit uses a machine with a single set of needles. This creates a smooth texture on one side of the fabric.

There’s a more distinct loop texture on the other side, typically used to distinguish which one’s the correct side and which is the wrong side.

This fabric is very stretched since it is bi-elastic. This means that it stretches in all four directions.

Double Knit Jersey

Double knit jersey fabric

Double jersey, on the other hand, uses a knitting machine with two sets of needles. This creates a smooth texture on both sides of the fabric.

But it only stretches on one side. Thus, it’s used for clothing that has a more constructed look. This includes trousers, suits, and blazers.

Interlock Jersey


Interlock jersey is a stronger type of knit. It has more compact knits since they knit it very densely. They also use very fine yarn.

Because of this, the cotton interlock jersey is mostly used in baby clothes.

What Is Jersey Used For?

Jersey fabric has natural breathing and stretch qualities, making it a good choice for cozy clothes and casual wear.


Jersey is mostly used for clothing. You can make different types of clothing with jersey fabrics:

  • T-shirts
  • Loungewear
  • Bathrobes
  • Underwear
  • Skirts


Grey & white jersey fabric used for bedsheet and pillows

Jersey fabrics are also used in bedding. Use jersey fabric to make your bedsheets and pillowcases feel like your favorite T-shirt!

You can also use jersey textiles for your bedding if you want your sheets to be stretchy. This is perfect for fitted sheets.


Jersey fabric used for upholstery

You can also use jersey fabrics for your upholstery. This is mostly used as a sofa cover. Because of its stretchiness, the jersey fabric follows your sofa’s shape, giving it a brand-new look!

The Future Of Jersey Fabrics

While jersey fabrics are very popular, it’s important to know that you need a lot of water to produce materials made with cotton.

According to a study, one cotton T-shirt requires approximately 2700 liters of water. That’s the same amount of water one person consumes for two months!

That’s why some people are looking for alternatives like bamboo jersey fabric and hemp fabric.

Today, bamboo and hemp fabrics are knitted or woven and used to manufacture different types of clothing and upholstery.


Jersey cloth is an all-around clothing, bedding, and upholstery textile. In fact, almost all people have at least one material made out of cotton or cotton blend jersey fabrics in their closets or homes.

This is because of jersey fabric’s superior qualities. Jersey fabrics are soft and stretchable. It also absorbs well and has good breathability. Moreover, the fabric doesn’t wrinkle and is easy to maintain.

That’s why jerseys are popularly used when manufacturing casualwear and undergarments.

However, as cotton production uses a lot of water, manufacturing it is not the most sustainable option for clothing.

At the end of the day, it’s still up to you cotton jersey fabric is the right fabric choice for you. So, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and choose wisely!

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