About Us


Our founder started his first company in 2009, selling curated collections of graphic tees.

While working on his graphic t-shirt label on the side, he has worked in various fashion companies in the e-commerce sphere, helping to develop brands from the ground up and setting them up for success.

He sold his company in 2013 and had the urge to start another company and registered the name Bryden in 2013.

It was only until 2014 that he start working on Bryden full time.

Bryden was started out of a desire to help fashion brands with their sourcing, product development and garment manufacturing requirements.

We help our clients in the whole supply chain process from product development, sourcing, sampling, bulk apparel production, packaging, quality control assessments to arranging shipping of the products.

Above all, we at Bryden look at each project as a partnership where quality and the fun of seeing creative ideas come to life are the most important.

We believe in a world where anyone who has a creative idea and an internet connection, is able to start their own fashion label with us.

To date, we have worked with customers from all over the world, from USA to Tahiti to launch and grow their fashion business and brands.