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We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website, designed with a fresh new look that also allows you to customize your designs and order them online!
Visit our website by clicking here!
Our goal for this new website is to make it easier for anyone to create their own designs for their fashion brand at even lower quantities.


When we started Bryden back in 2014, our goal was to level the playing field for start-ups and smaller brands by offering them access to cut & sew manufacturing that was previously the domain of bigger clothing brands.

2 years after our launch, I found that there were still many brands out there that we could not help, due to our minimum order quantities.

We did try to help some of these brands but creating a product from scratch does requires considerable time and effort to bring everything together across the whole supply chain.

Even as we have developed and automated some process, we realized we couldn’t disregard the fact it’s only viable for us as a company if orders are above a certain size.

It was a pity these ideas and dreams couldn’t become a reality, as I believed some of the designs would be well received and could have been the start of something great for the brand.

How Did We Solve It?

After mulling for a while on how I could help these brands, I had an epiphany that we could have a greater impact if we have changed certain things:

  • What if we removed the complexity of getting the correct sizing, right fabrics, pattern making and samples for both brands and us?
  • Wouldn’t it be better if we use our expertise & resources to develop designs, which can be used as a blank canvas by our customers, at a lower order quantity?

I quickly got the team together to brainstorm ideas and an idea of having a website with an online design editor will be selected as the best solution.

What’s New?

We are now providing 2 ways for customers to start, namely “Customize Your Own” and “Design Your Own”.

“Customize Your Own” will allow you to customize the designs on our website and the minimum order quantity will start from just 60 pieces per order.

We will be starting out with T-shirts for “Customize Your Own” as it has been a staple product for many brands. We have developed a curated selection of t-shirts with different fits, fabrics and colours that you can choose from.

Custom labelling had been out of reach for smaller brands due to minimum order quantities. We are happy to announce that you can now order labels in quantities starting from 100 pieces, which helps to cut down inventory risk and reduces waste.

Our original cut & sew manufacturing service will be now called Design Your Own” and brands can continue to use this service to develop their own designs from scratch.

What You Can Expect?

We have several exciting products ideas and updates planned and my dream is for this new website to be easy to use as going to the supermarket.

You can look forward to us releasing fashion-forward styles and our updates on classic wardrobe styles such as hoodies, jackets and sweatpants with new colours and fabrics.

In the works are plans to improve & add website features so that it creates more possibilities of the options of products available for you to be creative with.

I hope to impact everyone out there who is sitting on the fence, looking for a company who believes in giving them a shot at starting with a lower risk.

What’s In It For You Today?

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