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Bryden: Hey Nash! Thank you for your time doing an interview with us. Could you tell us more about Styles From Beyond Clothing (SFB Clothing) and your inspirations behind it?

Nash: Since the launch of the Beyond Collection in 2015, Styles From Beyond (SFB) Clothing has solidified its status as one of Singapore’s leading luxury streetwear brands. Their minimalistic and unique style have made them synonymous with many of the leading brands in the industry.

As the owners are avid collectors of streetwear themselves, their eclectic range of collections has helped them to develop a brand that represents style, comfort, and sophistication no matter the season.

Drawing inspiration from a myriad of resources, the creative team conceptualized the Beyond Collection, which is largely in accordance with the principle of symmetrical proportion taken from Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”.

Constantly exploring both modernist and post-modernist art, SFB Clothing looks towards film, music, and architecture for inspiration. The brand will move past the monochromatic Beyond Collection into the full spectrum of colour with the launch of their Spring/Summer 2016 Essence Collection debuting in May.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Who is your main target audience?

SFB Clothing is a brand that prides itself on sophistication and comfort. We have crafted a brand for a generation of young adults who do not simply represent a type of look, but understand how fashion enhances personality.

When was SFB Clothing founded and what were some of the difficulties you’ve faced getting started?

SFB Clothing was founded in 2014. The team went through an arduous process of sourcing for relevant contacts, conceptualizing the designs and planning a media/marketing campaign for the launch. However, the hardest thing for us was managing our expectations and choosing to commit to our clientele above all else.

What is/are your background experience/s and what made you decide to venture into this profession?

Having a background in dance, we were always tasked with creating our own costumes for competitions and performances. Over the years, we received many positive comments about our designs and the conceptual work done on these costumes. This helped us to take the first step towards accomplishing our dream of designing our own apparel.

What are your plans for the brand in the future?

As a team, we want to take our concepts and designs global and represent Singapore on an international level. We also want our brand to be synonymous with attitude and action.

What advice would you give to others who want to be in this industry or aspire to be a designer?

The industry is a tough place and within it is a lifelong learning process. But however tough it may be, you should never give up on what you believe in. Learn to take risks, calculated risks, and always do things that you believe in. If you can’t sell it to yourself, then you can’t sell it. Don’t hate, appreciate. Inspire and be inspired.

What do you think of the current fashion industry and the future of fashion in Singapore?

The local fashion industry is a tough place for any brand to be in due to the country’s highly competitive nature. However, we believe that there is potential for local brands to grow organically. If you believe in your brand and work hard to achieve your goals, everything will fall into place.

Share with us how your experience was like working with BRYDEN and how we can improve our products/services (if any).

Overall, as manufacturers, Bryden has been helpful, efficient and extremely reliable with regards to communication. They continually take the initiative to share ideas and run through processes we aren’t familiar with. There is consistent assistance when it comes to fabric and colours, though a wider variety of fabric/ colour/texture choices would elevate the service further. The time taken to produce the samples and for delivery can be improved too for a better workflow. Bryden can also consider expanding into other products such as hats, bags, and accessories.

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